The biggest challenge that most homeowners face is how to prep the concrete to accept the desired color and affect to their foundation.

When removing prior flooring you are left with all the blemishes and residue that was left over from the construction phase and/or the installation of the old flooring.

Without grinding the concrete, you will not be able to truly clean the concrete for that desired color and affect.

Rather than spending time and money on purchasing expensive grinders and diamond encrusted segments, we will use our state of the art equipment to remove and prep the concrete for you at a very minimal price.

Prep grind includes removing top layer of old dirty concrete and exposing the newly grinder, clean, concrete foundation.

The newly ground concrete in most cases will have a salt and pepper to medium aggregate exposure.

All imperfections in the concrete will still show through including but not limited to pivots, cracks, different concrete pours, pour backs, trenching repairs.

We will leave the concrete ready for you to apply your desire stain color, neutralize,  and Seal.

We will also provide you with detailed instructions on what steps to take and how to protect the surrounding areas.

We can also offer you specific packages depending on your square footage with all the materials and supplies that you will need to do it yourself.

At any point if you feel overwhelmed we can take over and complete the project for you at an additional price per sq ft depending on what you have completed.

Prep grinding 500 min sq ft $1.50 per sq ft

600 - 1000 sq ft $1.25 per sq ft

1100sq ft + $1.00 per Sq Ft

Crack repair and tact stripe hole patching will be additional if so desired.